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The highest earning graduate home towns are

  1. Carterton - England
  2. Carnoustie - Scotland
  3. Bellshill - Scotland
  4. Anstruther - Scotland
  5. Cleater Moor - England

Only 35% of employed graduates work in their home town/city

Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust recruited the most public sector graduates

PwC recruited the most private sector graduates

Graduates of the London Business School had the highest average salary

Based on over 650,000 graduate responses from 161 higher education establishments

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Approximately 6 months after leaving University most graduates complete a survey giving information about their current employer. We take this information, clean it up and link it to our detailed list of UK companies. We then use this combined data to create products for public/private sector companies, education establishments and students.

This data is an invaluable resource for Universities, giving them insight into the destinations of their students versus those from competitor institutions, helping them market their courses.

Private Companies. Our most popular product is the list of the top 5,000 graduate recruiting companies.

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